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Hi I'm Emma - The luxury wedding cake specialist.


I have built my wedding cake business and skills over the past 9 years. I have achieved multiple international awards for my wedding cakes both within the cake and wedding industries, and I'm currently lint the Top 10 Uk & Ireland Cake Artists according to Cake Masters Magazine. Being a self taught caker I have worked my way through all the pitfalls many experience. I now really enjoy empowering, inspiring and coaching others to strive for more from their cake businesses and to up level for the luxury market.

So what's inside the LCA?  Well apart from a really supportive and friendly community of like minded cakers, there's loads...


You'll have me coming live with a workshop at least once every it a cake technique, sugar floral or luxury cake business skill. Plus once a month we'll have a Fun Friday, where I'll do something themed and a little different, a way to boost our creativity and show how you can transfer skills too.


There is a focus on goal setting, accountability and mindset...after all you are the centre piece to your business and getting our minds and intentions aligned can massively impact the amount we can achieve.


I might know a lot about sharp edges and sugar roses, but I'm not an expert in everything. So I have a long list of specialist topics that I will be getting experts in to do masterclasses on, everything from maximising Pinterest and wedding contracts to getting perfect photos and how to style with props. And if there's something you want to learn I will do my best to try and make sure that it gets covered to.

So why not come and join us in the LCA where you can be inspired and empowered whilst learning.

Doors open again in late 2022 (Oct/Nov most likely). Join my free Facebook group in the meantime and for more updates head to the Academy page and sign up for my newsletters.

Emma x

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