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Pre-recorded live workshop.

Available to watch immediately with full support in the private Facebook group.


This workshop was taught live in the private Facebook group. Emma shows you quick and easy way to create stunning floral crowns perfect for any sugar floral arrangement. Emma shows you the best methods she has found that work for her, she likes to multipurpose her cutters and veiners so that investing in specialist ones is not essential. She also shows you how to create hoops in custom sizes without having to buy a hoop.


You will receive a pdf of Tools & Materials after you sign up and you will be added to the private group. The workshop will be available to watch immediately and rewatch at any time. If you have any questions you can ask Emma in the group and she will aim to personally reply within 24 hours.


*Please ensure you provide us with your email address connected to your Facebook account if it is different to the one provided for payment.

Online Workshop -Sugar Floral Crown

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