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Textures & Sugar Florals


This course consists of 8 pre-recorded lessons which Emma will show you quick and easy ways to create these beautiful flowers, achieve sharp edges and a flawless finish, add lots of textures including satin shine, suede, torn ruffles, crackle effect plus patch stencilling and simple piping. Emma will show you the best methods she has found that work for her. She likes to use cutters and veiners for multiple flowers and although she has invested in some specialist ones these are not essential for the course as Emma will provide you with alternatives where possible. Students can use alternative colours if you prefer and Emma will guide you with colour palettes should you wish to do this. Included in this class: Signature ruffled peony Roses Amaranthus (Love-lies-bleeding) Baby Blue Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Populus Filler leaves and berries  How to arrange sugar flowers Sharp edges and flawless finish Suede effect Crackle effect Patch stencilling Piping & beading Lustre Torn ruffles

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