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Booking Fee: 


A non-refundable booking fee of £150 is required to secure your wedding date. This contract is not valid or binding until the £100 deposit has been received. Payment in full must be made no later than 28 days prior to the event. 



Delivery Fees: 


All wedding cakes are delivered by Emma Stewart Cake Design. This ensures that your cake arrives safely and in perfect condition. Delivery charge is included in wedding cake quotes and takes into account the distance to location, current fuel/mileage costs and intricacy of cake setup. 





If for any reason you wish to cancel your order please email 


Orders cancelled within 14 days of paying your booking fee will receive a full refund unless work has already started on the order. 


Orders cancelled after 14 days from paying your booking fee will lose their fee. 


Orders cancelled within 12 months of wedding date are not entitled to any refund for any amounts paid. 


Orders cancelled within 6 months of wedding date are liable for 50% of the order total. 


Orders cancelled within 8 weeks of the balance due date will be liable for the full balance owed. 


In the event of postponement, provided the new date is available there is no transfer fee and the full order will be moved to the new date. Should the new date be unavailable please revert to cancellation policy. 


In the unlikely event that I need to cancel an order I will give as much notice as possible, arrange a suitable replacement with your agreement or refund monies paid less booking fee. 


I will strive to create your cake exactly to the design description given; however the design may need to be altered for it work on the cake, though it will be as close as possible to the original design. All cakes are hand crafted, as a result of this there may be some slight variation in colour and design detailing. 




Any major changes to cake design, colours or guest numbers must be relayed to Emma Stewart Cake Design as soon as possible. Any design changes made within 3 months prior to wedding date will incur a £10 charge per change. Please be aware that the price may change due to the work needed. 





If you are requesting that real flowers be included in your cake design, please have your florist provide the correct type and number of flowers needed to complete your desired design. I require that you or your florist deliver your flowers at least 8 hours prior to cake delivery time. I am not responsible for damages that occur if other parties attempt to place flowers onto the cake after delivery. 


Any sugar flowers required will be made by Emma Stewart Cake Design and done so to match the fresh flowers being provided by florist. I will require a list of flowers and foliage to be used in bouquets from the florist by 1 month prior to wedding. I will try to match as closely as possible the fresh flowers. 


Stands, Dividers & Other Cake Devices: 


In the event that Emma Stewart Cake Design provides cakes stands, dividers and other cake devices not purchased by the responsible party, they must be returned within 5 days of wedding date. Failure to return cake stands, dividers & other cake devices will result in NO REFUND of hire deposit. Upon return of all stands and other devices your deposit will promptly be refunded. Hire fee is dependent on item(s) to be hired. 



Finalising Your Order: 


Final payment must be received no later than 28 days prior to wedding date. If final payment or other arrangements are not made by this time, the order will be cancelled and all monies forfeited. We do not bake any cakes until payment in full has been received, and we do not accept late payments without prior arrangements. 




Cake Table: 


The responsible party is responsible for ensuring that there is a cake table available at time of delivery. If the table is to be skirted or otherwise covered it must be prepared before the cake is set up. The table must be secure and level and must be able to support a minimum of 50lbs. Once the cake is set up it is no longer the responsibility of Emma Stewart Cake Design. Emma Stewart Cake Design cannot be held responsible for tables provided by the customer/venue that fail to support the weight of the cake. 



Delivery / Setup and Acceptance: 


At the time of delivery and setup, a designated responsible party must be present to inspect and sign for final cake setup, this may be your wedding coordinator at the venue or wedding planner. Once the cake is setup and accepted, it is no longer the responsibility of Emma Stewart Cake Design. However, if the cake is damaged by a venue don’t panic, contact me and I will try to advise on how to fix it. 



Weather / Climate Conditions: 


It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the cake will be stored / setup in an area that is climate controlled to ensure that the wedding cake remains intact and retains its original condition. Extreme high temperatures and humidity due to weather conditions and the lack of a cool environment at the appointed location may adversely affect the condition of the cake. Emma Stewart Cake Design will take every step possible to ensure a quality product upon delivery. Emma Stewart Cake Design cannot be held responsible for unfavourable conditions at the cake’s destination. 



Cake Care: 


Should any cake be left over from your wedding please follow the below advice. 


Please store your cake in the cake box provided (this will be handed to your venue) in a cool room away from direct heat and out of direct sunlight. Please carry your cake supported from underneath the box/board. Please do not place your cake in the fridge, as this dries out the sponge and causes the icing to sweat. Once the cake is cut wrap any cut edges in cling film to preserve the freshness. The cake is best eaten within 3 days of delivery. However it can last up to a week when cared for correctly. You can cut your left over cake into smaller portions, wrap each in cling film and place in an airtight box or ziplock bag suitable for freezing. Can will defrost within 1-2hrs at room temperature. Freeze for up to 3 months. 


Should you need to transport your cake you will need to make sure it travels flat. The car boot is ideal as long as there is nothing stored that could cause damage. You can also place in the foot well but ensure any heat is directed away from the cake. Iris recommended to place the cake on non-slip mats. 





Please note that all my cakes contain Egg, Milk, Gluten (Wheat Flour) and Nuts where applicable to the recipe. All cakes are produced in a kitchen where nuts are present. 

We are unable to to certify any product is allergen free. 



Privacy Policy: 


At Emma Stewart Cake Design we take your privacy seriously and will only use the data you have shared with us to administer your account while your enquiry and order is active. 


Once the enquiry or order is complete we may contact you for reviews, should you wish not to be asked please let us know. 


Your details will never be shared with a 3rd party company. 


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure and have physical, electronic and managerial procedures in place to safeguard the information we collect. 


You may request details of your personal information which we hold under the Data Protection Act. You may request for this information to be deleted at any time. 



Publication and Advertising: 


Photos taken of your cake by Emma Stewart Cake Design belong to Emma Stewart Cake Design and will feature the company logo. The photos can appear on our website, Facebook page and any other social media accounts we hold. The photos may be used in future publications or advertising. Should you send any photos to Emma Stewart Cake Design i.e. the cake cutting, this will be seen as permission to share on our website and social media accounts - These will not be submitted to a publication without your permission. Where photographer is known credit will be given to them. 



Returns and Problems: 


In the unlikely event there is a problem with your cake and you wish to return it, call 07904480920 at the earliest opportunity. Clearly explain the problem. There will need to be at least 75% of the cake left if a refund is required. These are only available if Emma Stewart Cake Design is at fault. 

Emma Stewart Cake Design is not responsible for any damage after delivery and set up. However, if the cake is slightly damaged by a venue don’t panic. Contact me and I will try and advise on how to fix it.  

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