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The Luxury Cake Academy | Emma Stewart Cake Design

An online membership for ambitious cakers scaling and moving in their business.

Doors are currently closed, join the waitlist for a exclusive access to VIP bonuses and to hear about the reopening first.

Luxury Cake Academy members | Emma Stewart Cake Design


  • You are working ALL the hours, yet financially it doesn’t show and you have very little free time.

  • Replies like “How much!” or even no response at all have left you questioning your pricing and doubting your worth.

  • You’re losing the love for cakes with the lack of creativity in the orders you’re getting.

  • You’re overwhelmed by the never-ending lists of things you ‘should’ be doing but have no clue how to find the time to do them.

  • You dream of doing those luxury cakes with the best suppliers and couples who truly appreciate what you do.

  • You want to improve your cakes skills as well as business ones all I one place.

  • And working on your own is making you feeling lonely and isolated.


I’ve been there, done it and had all the same feelings. I knew there had to be a way to bring all the trainings together in one spot with a community of cakers who wouldn't hesitate to support each other.

If you're looking for an affordable way to learn and are prepared to put in the effort to move your business forward in the right direction, then the Luxury Cake Academy could be perfect for you.

The Luxury Cake Academy has been, and continues to be a guide, support and source of new ideas and motivation. Emma's helped me to refine my idea of who my ideal clients are, what my identity as a cake designer is and where I want to fit my business in terms of my geographical location, my image & my life. Being part of the LCA community is such a help and a joy too. We provide support, ideas and motivation for each other. Emma's sessions provide us with support and tutoring from experts in all areas from cake skill to marketing and using tech/social media. Jump on board. It's worth it.


Hampton Cakes

Luxury Cake Academy member Shani | Emma Stewart Cake Design

The LCA is more than just cake skills and sugar flowers…it has an emphasis on business too. In particular keeping you and your business moving forward in the right direction. 

But first, we have to believe we can and more importantly know HOW to do it. And that’s where the LCA comes in.

Being a part of the membership is more than just learning new skills. It’s an amazing community of cakers who share your drive and ambition to succeed…affectionately known as the LCA family, they’ll be there to support you and cheer you on. When you are surrounded by other cakers with positive attitudes, you will feel more motivated to take action and achieve your goals.

Luxury wedding cake designer | Emma Stewart Cake Design




I'm Emma, a multi award winning international wedding cake designer and cake business mentor. I believe that every caker has a gift. Mine isn't just making cakes, it's helping you to grow the successful cake business you truly want. Because when you find it, it's impossible to not fall in love with your business, become irresistible to your customers and live the life of freedom you desire.

I’ve been in your shoes. I was heading rapidly towards burnout and completely overwhelmed by everything I was meant to be doing. I felt so undervalued and severely lacked in confidence…not in my cake skills but in everything else. I wasn’t pricing properly, I struggled with selling and putting myself out there was one of the toughest hurdles I had to overcome. It was only when I invested in improving my business skills that I realised what I was doing wrong. I was just being a caker busying myself working in my business and not really seeing the importance of working on it. 

That lightbulb moment changed my business, I went from caker to a successful Cake CEO and I’ve never looked back. 


And it all began with attracting the right clients who truly valued what I do, I gained time back and I started to really enjoy a business run on my terms. After all, why would we have a business that doesn’t light us up? I wanted to create something that I loved but also allowed me time to be Emma, outside of the apron and icing. I wanted my business to work for me and that wasn’t going to happen if I kept charging small prices, with no profit and not taking my business seriously. So I got smart,restructured how I ran my business and I’ve since had consistent £2-5k months with a maximum of 3 weddings, the ability to create what I really want to and had time off for me (I’ve 4 trips already planned this year).

“My success isn’t very useful to anyone but my journey along the way is.”

Shauna Coxsey MBE


Let me use my knowledge and experiences to guide you to your successes. Now it's your turn to believe you can. See that it’s possible. And together, we’ll make it your reality.


I’ve spoken about how you need to take control of your business to unlock it’s full potential and to do this we need to become more than just ingredients and a service. We need a vision. A goal for what we want our life to look like. And when we know what we want, we can make the plan to get it, trust the process and the journey of making it happen.

You’ll have instant access to a multitude of trainings (over 100) that you can dive into right away, including…

and many more…including my most popular workshop, Wedding Sample Box 101 (worth £20) in which I talk you through how to create the perfect wedding tasters and give you tips on presentation of taster boxes.

I joined the LCA at the end of last year and in such a short time I have learned so much. The confidence I've gained from not only Emma herself but the support from the group, they encourage you at every step! Already in such a short space of time & being very new into the wedding industry I have implemented a pricing structure, gained vast knowledge in running a business and been given opportunities to step outside my comfort zone to push me further. Emma herself in her teaching is very thorough and takes her time to explain, which gives the best chance of you being able to learn that skill. The business trainings have really opened my eyes, in so many areas. The support of Emma and the LCA family has really allowed me to push further than I could imagine and honestly without them I don't think I'd have even attempted, let alone thought about the things I've recently done or have planned to do.



Bakes By Kerry

Luxury Cake Academy member Kerry | Emma Stewart Cake Design
Luxury Cake Academy ganached cake | Emma Stewart Cake Design

If you are ready to scale your business and move it forward…then The LCA could be the perfect fit for you. I would love to help you to see what’s possible.

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