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Online Night School 3 - Sketch to Reality was previously taught live in a private Facebook group through a series of 9 pre-recorded lessons.




One thing that I often get asked about is where I get inspiration from and if I sketch my designs. Now those that follow my own cake pages will know that I sketch every cake I create. Of course the final design once made might have evolved a little but that is part of the beauty of seeing a cakes journey from Sketch to Reality. With this in mind I couldn't think of a better concept for night school 3...I take you on a complete wedding cake designing adventure.


So how will it work and what will learn?


In this class you will be actively encouraged from the start to create your own sketches/designs using the elements from this course and you will work towards turning them into reality.


Elements included...

  • Sketching designs from an inspiration board
  • O'Hara Rose
  • Avalanche Roses in not one but TWO styles (as yes they do have different variations within the species)
  • Hellebore
  • Salal leaves
  • Chico Jumbo Palm
  • Eucalyptus Cinera (a beautiful large leaf variety)
  • How to arrange your sugar flowers
  • Sharp edges and flawless finish for square tiers
  • Variety of ways to incorporate a geometric design including etching, painting, piping and stencilling.
  • Bespoke to create them and transfer designs to your cakes, perfect for when pre-designed stencils and embossers wont suit.



Frequently asked questions...


I haven't taken any of your previous courses...That's ok as each course is designed so that anyone can join and i'll give you lots of support and guidance when you do.


I'm not as advanced as some does this matter?...This course is suitable for everyone no matter what stage of your cake journey you are on. 


Will I be able to rewatch the classes?...yes you can and you have access to the group for life.


Will I need to buy lots of tools and equipment?...I love to use my tools and equipment for multiple uses, so hopefully you should have very little to spend. I will always show a variety of techniques using different tools so you can adapt to what you have, try a new skill before deciding to invest on more advanced and specific pieces.


Full class equipment list will be emailed to you, the list will include alternative tools and materials that can be used. You will be sent a link to join the private group. If you have any questions during the course post them on the private group wall and I will aim to personally reply within 24hours. 


So if you want to learn how to create sketches from inspiration, improve your cake finshes, expand your sugar flower skills and ultimately gain confidence then this course is a must.


Stay safe, learn something new and have some fun!


Emma x




*Please ensure that you provide us with your email address connected to your Facebook account if it is different to the one provided for payment.

Online Night School 3 - Wedding Cake Sketch to Reality

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