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Wedding Cakes ~ Your FAQs answered

As a wedding cake designer I get asked lots of questions. There seems to be a core collection that I hear most often. 

If you’re newly engaged then there’s a high possibility that you have a question or three about your wedding cake. So let me help you with these questions and possibly some that you’d not even considered…don’t worry I’ve got you covered.

Photo by Adam & Grace

How much will my wedding cake cost?

This is a great question and often the first one that comes to mind. The answer isn’t a simple one though.

All of my cakes are bespoke and designed specifically for each couple, meaning that no two designs will be exactly the same and nor will their prices. 

The cost of having a bespoke wedding cake designed just for you and your wedding, will depend on all the finer details and a variety of elements including the size of the cake, complexity and intricacy of design, quantity of sugar florals, flavours chosen and the logistics of delivery. All of this means that prices really do vary. 

I’d love to be able to tell you that a three tier cake will cost you £x amount, I wish it was a simple as this. 

But don’t worry, I have a price guide on the website that will take you a good idea of what you can expect to pay for one of my wedding cake designs on average and what your investment will get you.

What size cake do I need?

The size of cake is usually based upon the number of cake portions that you would like it to provide. It’s important to remember that when we are designing your cake we will be working from your anticipated guest numbers, so when deciding on portion quantities I would typically advise to aim your cake to feed between two-thirds to three-quarters of your expected numbers. Doing this will allow for the natural drop off in numbers as your invite replies come in and for those guests attending who don’t eat cake. 

Taking this into account, there are still multiple different shape/height configurations that can be used to give the required portions. It’s also worth mentioning that if your cake portions were the equivalent of a three tier cake for example, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a three tier…there are ways that we can add in extra height using illusion stands, acrylic spacers or artificial tiers. So really anything is possible.

This is where my sketching skills come to fruition during your design consultation, as I can illustrate the different silhouettes and options available. You’ll also find lots of inspiration in my portfolio too.

When should we book our wedding cake?

As early on in your planning process as possible. Availability for some more popular months/dates can fill up fast. Once your date is secured, no other booking is taken that week. The week of your wedding I would be working solely on your wedding cake, it'll have my undivided attention and dedication.

You don't have to know exactly what you want for your cake when you secure your wedding date. We will work together to create a bespoke design for you, when you are ready to. The important thing is to secure your date early, otherwise you could miss out...this also applies to all of the other wedding suppliers you are considering or wanting to have. If you know you want them then get them booked.

If you want to check my availability for your wedding get in touch today.

Can we have different flavours?

Absolutely! Each tier is a complete cake in itself, so each one can be a different flavour. If you were going for a 3 tier design then you could have up to 3 flavours. The exception to this would be if you are having a 4” diameter cake as your top tier; in this instance I would use an artificial 4” tier as this size can be so fiddly to work with as real cake and would only give you around 6-8 portions.

If you were wanting to have additional flavours to the number of tiers you want in your design, it might be an option to have additional kitchen cakes. My kitchen cakes will look exactly the same as those in your main wedding cake.

Why not take a look at our most popular flavours here.

Which tier should we cut for our photos?

When you are having your professional photos of cutting the cake taken by your photographer, you are normally just posing for the shot which means that you are not actually cutting at this moment. For these I would recommend resting the cake knife or sword (yes there are lots of venues that have a cake sword) on to the back edge of the cake. This won’t do the cake any damage that will be noticeable. 

When it comes to you actually cutting your cake with your guests, if your bottom tier is a real cake then cut into there. If you have opted for a design that has an artificial base tier then I would guide you to cut into the lowest real tier in the cake…there is no official rule that it has to be the bottom tier, so I say go with what works with your cake. I’m sure you will have seen one of those really elaborate super tall cakes where the couple take a huge cake sword and appear to cut the cake from top to bottom with it…the sword only actually scoring the surface of the cake but certainly creates an amazing moment for all to see.

What happens to any leftover cake?

When I deliver your wedding cake the venue will be provided with additional boxes clearly labelled for any leftover cake to be placed into with instructions for it to be given to you. 

My top tip to make any leftover cake last longer would be to cut it into smaller portions, similar to how your wedding cake tasters would have looked. Then wrap each or a couple of portions in cling film and place them all into a ziplock bag and place into the freezer. This means that you can take a small portion of the cake out when you want it, it’ll defrost in about an hour. Your frozen wedding cake portions are best to be consumed by 3 months after your wedding, after this they won’t be at their best and could be a little dry.

When should we serve our wedding cake?

Traditionally the cake is cut part way through your wedding breakfast and then served with tea and coffee after your dessert. Some venues and couples prefer to serve the cake in the evening time with an evening buffet, cocktails or alternative late night nibbles such as chip cones, smores bars and crisp walls.

I would recommend making sure that just like you’ll be announced up to cut the cake, you have an announcement that the cake is served too. Just to make sure that your guests are aware that it is actually there. 

Who will deliver our wedding cake and when?

Your wedding cake will be delivered and setup at your venue on your wedding day by myself. I do all the processes when it comes to your wedding cake, from consultation right through creating your cake, adding all the detailing and making the sugar florals. I take my time to assemble your cake and arrange your sugar florals. Once completed I wait for you to arrive so that I can present your finished cake to you both. I love this bit, it completes the whole cake experience. You get the designated time to soak up full impact of your wedding reception room and all the details of your cake. And I get to experience your reaction and all the emotions of the first sight of your cake…creating incredible memories that will last a lifetime.

Do you hire out cake stands?

As many of the venues I work with are a considerable distance away from my studio and my couples often live further afield too, it’s not practical for me to hire out my stands. However, I do recommend cake stands to my couples that are suitable for the size and style of their cake. I then source these for you, order and take them with your wedding cake when I head to deliver and setup on your wedding day. The cost of your chosen stand is added to your cake cost and you get to keep this as a great keepsake from your wedding day. 

Can you cater for allergies?

Although I can do gluten free and nut free cakes, I am legally not allowed to say they are Free From cakes. My kitchen has products within it that contain these ingredients which means I can’t 100% guarantee that the Free From recipes are completely free. I can implement a strict protocol to minimise cross contamination which may be suitable for some people, though I am fully aware that there are different levels of sensitivity and severity of reactions.

Should you require a Free From cake these would usually be done as an additional cake that is clearly labelled as this and would go straight to the kitchen.

Your venue will be provided a full list of allergens for your chosen cake flavours on your wedding day, this is a legal requirement.

Can we taste before we book you for our cake?

Absolutely, you can order a postal taster box. These are currently available for delivery throughout UK and Ireland using either Next Day Delivery or Ireland Express depending on your location. I have had a taster box couriered to New York before, postage was organised by the client, it was there within 48 hours. 

Each taster box contains a selection of five different flavours plus two vanilla iced biscuits. The taster boxes are not suitable for those with allergies.

You can order a taster box here.

How far will you travel for delivery?

I have created wedding cakes for destinations throughout Ireland, the UK and further afield including Italy and Cyprus. So rest assured that your wedding cake will be in safe hands with me and I can deliver your cake to your venue.

Can I have fresh flowers on my wedding cake?

As beautiful as fresh florals are, they haven’t to be treated with caution when it comes to adding them to your wedding cake. 

There are many flowers and foliage that are considered to be toxic and poisonous, meaning they shouldn’t be anywhere near something that’s to be consumed…like your wedding cake. The most common ones used for weddings that should definitely not be on your wedding cake are: Peonies, Ranunculi, Hydrangeas, Gypsophila and Eucalyptus.

There are other florals and foliage that are considered to be food safe, but these should still be used with caution. As a cake designer it is my responsibility to ensure that everything on your cake is completely safe. Most florals will be treated in some way to extend their life/condition for use in arrangements. This could be chemicals like bleach, which isn’t safe to be on a cake.

For these reasons, I work solely with sugar florals on my designs. These are hand created to complement the fresh florals from your florist. Sugar flowers are the safest way to add that floral detail to your cake and they make a great keepsake from your day too. Sugar florals look stunning on cakes and most of your guests won’t realise that they are handmade. Take a look through my portfolio, all the florals on these designs are sugar.

When I deliver your wedding cake I leave your venue with boxes specifically for your sugar florals to be carefully placed in for you to take home.

I hope that this has helped to answer some of the questions you might have had and maybe a few you hadn't thought of before, if not then get in touch here and ask me. You can also find out more about my wedding cake design services here.

Emma x


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